Phoenix Award given to IISE Portland Chapter 67

The Portland professional chapter has officially risen from the ashes.
Our chapter was awarded the 2016 Phoenix Award, recognizing chapter members reactivating a chapter that has been inactive.
Our chapter has 90 members and is still growing!
Brandon Booth, current president of the chapter, along with other chapter members; accomplished its reactivation in August 2016.  Earning the Bronze Award in the 2016 Chapter Recognition Program, this chapter is aiming for 2017 GOLD.

Here are some excerpts from our chapter’s strategic plan and mission statement:  

  • Community – The focus of everything we do. Bring the Portland community together and serve them through providing opportunities for networking, collaboration and professional development.
  • Innovation – Always strive to find better ways to administer and serve the membership
  • Sustainability – Make it easy to run & manage the chapter for the current and future officers. Documentation for each position to pass down as part of our succession plan, SOP’s, work instructions, etc.


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